What is NamSoGen?

NamSoGen is a Credit card generator tool that is used to generate free Credit card numbers using BIN digits i.e Bank Identification Numbers. Namso tool is primarily used in Programming, Ecommerce, Payment Gateway sites, and  Education domain for testing and prototyping purposes. It is built upon on LUNH Algorithm concept (which was developed by German Computer Scientist in 1954).  Namso provides a technical solution that helps the clients to solve data challenges during testing and verification purpose.

How LUNH Algorithm and NamSoGen works?

Credit Cards are verified and validated by LUNH Algorithms or  Modulus 10 Algorithm. LUNH algorithm is nothing but a checksum formula used to validate the authenticity of identification numbers, the Government’s Social Security Numbers, and IMEI numbers.

Process of validating any credit card:

1)            In the 16 digit Credit card, the first six digits are used to identify the Organization that issued the card.

2)            Next, 9 digits are used to the individual’s account associated with the card.

3)            The last 16th digit is termed as “CHECK DIGIT”. The card issuer uses 15 digits of the card and applies computation on it using the LUNH algorithm. The algorithm produces a single digit code. This code should match the “CHECK DIGIT”

4)            If the output matches the check digit then the card is considered to be valid accordingly.

Namso Generator:

1)            Go to the website Namso-CCgen.

2)            Enter 6 digit BIN number, according to the BIN digit new cards numbers are generated.

3)            You can check-in the Date and CCV2 boxes and enter details accordingly and click on generate card.

4)            By using BIN numbers and LUNH algorithm Namso-CCgen tool automatically generates Valid Credit Cards numbers of any issuer such as AMEX,MASTER CARDS ,Visa and discover etc.

5)            The generated credit card numbers are used by the clients as per their requirement for testing purposes.

NamsoPro Gold Generators are used for testing Sign-ups and Payment Gateways.

Namso Generated Credit Cards:

Namso generated cards are not actual cards issued by the company, they don't have real money. The solution does not provide the card with real money or belonging to an individual's authority. NamSoGen does not promote  any illegal or fraud activity.

Services by Namso:

Namso-gen provides various below services that can be used during research and testing of the software:

1)            BIN CHECKER - BIN checker provides a BIN lookup service with almost 3,40,000 bin numbers collected from different websites.          

2)            Credit Card Checker- CC checker tool is used to check validation of any card. Know more

3)            Credit Card Generator- This tool is used to generate cards as per clients requirement. They can opt for any card type like AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD.

Vendors can generate cards in bulk as per their business needs.

Namso-Gen provides valid card number with CVV and expiration.

BIN Credit cards can be used as BIN Paypal numbers. These numbers  work on Paypal as virtual credit card numbers. The validity of the card numbers can be checked on

Namso-Gen Alternatives

Namso is a safe, secure and handy tool that does not ask or contain any personal information. There are plenty of Random credit card generator tools available online but none is as effective and safe as compared to Namso. Namso is a user -friendly tool with all the necessary information for client understanding available on their website.

Privacy Policy:

1)            Namso-Gen does not contain any information of the individual apart from the information provided by vendors via email.

2)            DATA gathered from clients are used only for the card validation process and not shared among anyone else.

3)            Namso-Gen may contact you via email for promotion of new services or the features in the future.

4)            Namso-Gen collects or accesses a few data via Google Analytics in order to check this website's performance and offer personalized user experience.

5)            Users can see advertisements on this site that may contain links to other sites. Those sites have their own privacy and customer service policies.

6)            Users can disable their cookies through settings as per individual’s browser options.

Disclosure of Data:

Namso-Gen does not support any kind of misconduct, illegal or fraud activities. The website adheres to all the IT rules and regulations designed by the Government. Namso-gen will comply and cooperate with the Government to disclose personal information if any offence is done by the site users. Namso-gen may disclose identifiable information to third party vendors in case of any misconduct offered by the user of this website while using our services.

The privacy policies are changed time to time and are ensured to comply with government rules.


The credit card does not contain value and life. All the cards generated via our tools should be used only for testing and research purposes. The card does not contain transactional records. If any individual uses card numbers produced by Namso to protect their actual issued card , it may lead to vulnerability on the Internet.